In 2017 we decided to raise the bar towards becoming a more sustainable company. This resulted in an ambition to become Finite Material Neutral. We want to develop Perstorp into a company that does not contribute to the depletion of finite and scarce resources. In working towards our ambition, we have done many things we are proud of. Below you can read about some of our latest achievements. 

Pro-Environment Solutions

Our umbrella portfolio of renewable products, all certified and based on a mass balance concept. This is a step on our way towards becoming Finite Material Neutral while helping our customers to meet the increasing sustainable demands. Read more about our Pro-Environment Solutions here.

The first portfolio of renewable polyols we introduced consists of families of Neopentyl Glycol, i.e. our Neeture™, Pentaerythritol, i.e. our Voxtar™ and Trimethylolpropane, i.e. our Evyron™ in renewable forms. The Pro-Environment portfolio was officially launched during China Coat 2017 and added to in March 2019.

The latest additions to our Pro-Environment portfolio is, in addition to the new grades of Evyron™, Neeture™ and Voxtar™ we have also introduced Charmor™ Pro for intumescent coatings, Holtac™ Pro for lead-free PVC and Curalite™ Pro for speeding up cationic UV Curing. 

Award winning – Product Leadership for our Pro-Environment Polyols 

2018 our Pro-Environment Polyols won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Product Leadership Award for Biobased Materials. Read the article here. 

ISCC certification 

To confirm the reliability and transparency of our Pro-Environment products, we were one of the first, if not the first chemical company certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). All our Pro-Environment products, as well as the mass balance and carbon footprint calculations, are certified, providing full traceability. 

Renewable electricity in our Swedish production sites 

From January 1st all of our Swedish production plants are using pure renewable electricity from hydropower. Production in Sweden represent 80% of our total European production.

Using waste as raw material 

We have invested in our Penta plant in Toledo to purify and utilize the waste liquid from the Penta production and re-use it as a raw material. Instead of being sent for treatment, the waste stream has found a new purpose. With the added investment, we are dramatically decreasing the amount of chemicals sent from this plant for disposal. 

One of the renewable raw materials that we use in our Pro-Environment products is biogas derived from manure. The biomethanol we use is also produced from biogas from a waste source. Watch our movie to learn what manure has in common with paint!

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Mass balance

An ingenious concept

The Mass balance concept allows the chemical industry to switch to renewable raw material in easy steps. We believe mass balance is a necessary strategy and intermediary step allowing industry to make the switch from fossil to renewable and recycled resources. 



Shifting to renewables

- watch the movie

Another excellent example of how we are reusing waste is in our Pro-Environment portfolio where we are using biogas derived from manure as a raw material.

Cecilia Svensson

EVP Communications & Sustainable Transformation

+46 40 635 88 30

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