Synthetic lubricants
Synthetic Lubricants
A complete portfolio of intermediates giving you superior and optimal performance
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson
Product Manager
+46 406 358 846

The increasing demand for synthetic lubricants is based on their ability to offer longer service intervals, less energy consumption and better biodegradability. Synthetic lubricants are highly specialized and are used as refrigerant lubricants for compressors, in aero engines, hydraulic fluids and metal working fluids.

Perstorp has a strategically important position in this segment as a supplier of key intermediates used in synthetic lubricant manufacturing. When it comes to formulating synthetic lubricants with optimal performance, Perstorp has the most complete product portfolio of polyol esters intermediates to choose from, which includes Penta, Neo, TMP, 2-EHA and Di-Penta. The products add durability, controlled viscosity and good temperature control.

Value chain

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