Paper Coatings

Increased environmental concern has led to an interest in more sustainable packaging alternatives. Paper is widely used in packaging as a biodegradable option. However, the hydrophilic nature of cellulose limits the barrier properties and weakens the material.

Capa™ has an excellent adhesion to many types of paper and board materials providing the material with a high-performance barrier for moisture and grease. A Capa™ based coating will enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the paper and increase the flexibility, especially in cold environments where other polymers become brittle and rigid.

Bioplastic films can also be used to incorporate different types of additives including antimicrobials, antioxidants, pigments and nutrients where Capa™ will act as an efficient carrier.

Capa™ is compostable certified and certain grades are food safety compliant making it an excellent choice for disposable packaging, films, wraps, and bags.

Recommended Capa™ products for Paper coatings:

Capa™ 6400 >> Capa™ 6500 >> Capa™ 6500D >> Capa™ 6800 >>


Perstorp Capa for paper coatings

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