Bags and Films

Biodegradable polymers are becoming increasingly important in carrier and compostable bags as an option to reduce the environmental impact for these types of applications.
Capa™ can be formulated into films to make the material more tear resistant and durable as well as improve biodegradation. It gives the material a good sealability as well as printability without any necessary pretreatment.

By using a mulch film the crop quality can be improved, the moisture will be more evenly distributed in the soil and it protects it from compaction and root damage. With a biodegradable solution the disposal of such films can be as simple as letting them biodegrade in the soil without damaging it, saving significant time and money for the farmer, while reducing the environmental impact. 

Recommended Capa™ Products for Bags & Films:

Capa™ 6500 >>   Capa™ 6500D >>   Capa™ 6800 >>

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