Capa™ in resins

Capa for resinsActive protection for every surface

Capa™ resins provide full protection and consistent coating quality whatever the surface. Keeping your mobile phone looking good or your car glossy you get long-life protection with Capa™.

Capa™ based Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD) & UV curableresins provide sustainability and premium performance properties across most substrates, including wood, metal, plastic,textiles and leather.

Capa™ polyols are used as macrodiols in formulations, which produce very low viscosity and very low acid for superior chemical resistance, less use of solvents and easier processing. Giving active all-around protection against weathering, cracking, corroding, abrasion and impact is what Capa™ Monomer and Polyols are known for. Polyol applications include high-end opto-electrical, automotive, aerospace coatings as well as paints and printing inks.

Processing Advantages

In UV curable resins Capa™ offers low crystallinity for better control and definition of properties. The low viscosity of Capa™ in both PUD and UV curable formulations ensures easy processing and a reduction or elimination for the need of solvents.

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    Jesper Fahlen
    Jesper Fahlen
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