ProMyr™ profitability calculator

Ensure the value of your silage with ProMyr™ and increase the yield of your milk production. When you ensile with ProMyr™ you make sure your silage retain a high hygienic standard by reducing the growth of unwanted bacteria and molds. By safeguarding high quality and long storage stability of your silage the general conditions for your cows improves hence milk production increases and so does your profitability.

Calculate how much you save with ProMyr™

Select currency
Number of cows
Number of stables days per cow and year
Forage intake, kg DM / day
Forage DM content %
Milk yield per cow ECM
Milk, settlement price per liter
Protein premium per KG milk
Protein, premium per KG protein
My price of ProMyr™ per litre
Reduction in production cost
Less use of concentrates:
Increased milk production, 1 kg / cow o day in 7 months
Increased quality payment + 0.2 units of fat and + 0.1 prot
The cost savings and / or increased benefit with ProMyr™ per year
My total cost for ProMyr™
Value per year (€)
Based on a consumption of liters ProMyr™

Calculate how much you save with ProMyr™


Please note that the application of the estimated savings represent only a theoretical estimate of the potential savings that would result from the use of the product, made from a limited number of factors, findings from research and experiments done in the laboratory and field test. It thus implies no guarantee (neither explicit, expressly or implied) to the savings will actually be achieved in the individual case. Any use of the application is thus at the user's own risk and Perstorp cannot be held responsible direct, indirect, economic, consequential or consequential damages arising from the use of the application results in.

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