CAS Number: 109-52-4 HS Number: 29156090

Valeric Acid Pro is a high purity and pro-environmental carboxylic acid with 20% renewable content. Based on the mass balance concept, it is a partly renewable Valeric Acid designed to reduce your carbon footprint and to support sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material.

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Partly renewable Valeric Acid

Valeric Acid Pro is ready to be dropped into existing formulations of esters for synthetic lubricants and can facilitate the reduction of emissions in e.g. aviation turbine oils. In addition, Valeric Acid Pro is ready to serve as a raw material (e.g. acid chlorides) for APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and agrochemicals, as well for making esters for aroma chemicals.
Being the world’s first partly renewable Oxo product, Valeric Acid Pro is a pioneer in the market. All Perstorp’s Pro-Environment products are ISCC PLUS certified, meaning that our sustainable raw materials are certified in all parts of the value chain back to the point of origin. All Pro Environment customers are also given information about the GHG-value of the product and their contributions to reduced CO2- emissions.

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