Guitar symbolizing Perstorp Green Penta Voxtar
is the “Rock Star” of renewables. It first hit the charts in 2010 as the world’s first renewable pentaerythritol (Penta). This pro-environment polyol has become a trendsetter and true legend being able to shrink carbon footprints by up to 80%. Its colorful performance on stage makes it a hit all over the world. Just plug it into your existing process, sit back and listen to the music!

Perstorp is leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols and is the only company with all three essential polyols – Voxtar™ (Penta), Evyron™ (TMP) & Neeture™ (Neo) - available in renewable or partly renewable grades. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint at a stroke all three polyols offer drop-in solutions. They are produced from renewable or partly renewable sourced material and in 2018 they will all be processed using renewable electricity.

Voxtar™ comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades, which can reduce carbon footprint with up to 80%. Voxtar™ is based on a certified mass balance concept and the products comes with a certificate, Proof of Sustainability, ensuring a traceability of raw material to the country or origin, as well as ensuring it has been sustainably sourced. Voxtar™ is perfect for customers who want Resins, Coatings, Synthetic Lubricants and Rosin Esters based on renewable raw material and with a very low carbon footprint.

Voxtar™, Evyron™ & Neeture™ are designed to give you the choice to go pro-environmental today.

Descriptions and grades

Voxtar™ comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades which reduces the carbon footprint with up to 80%.


Alkyd resins, Liquid polyesters, Powder polyesters, Radiation curing, Aviation turbine oils, Transformer oils and Refrigeration lubricants. 

Technical specification

Technical specification are available per product in our Product Data Sheets (PDS): Voxtar™ M100Voxtar™ M40Voxtar™ E100Voxtar™ E40Voxtar™ D100 and Voxtar™ D40 

ISCC Certificate

ISCC Certificate for our products; Voxtar™ M100, Voxtar™ M40, Voxtar™ E100, Voxtar™ E40, Voxtar™ D100, Voxtar™ D40 is available for download >>

Sample request

Samples are availble for request, find your Voxtar grade and go to the product page >>


Introducing Pro-Environment Polyols

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