Pro-Environment Polyols in Alkyd resins

Facilitating sustainable innovation & development  

Perstorp has a deep knowledge of trends, market insights, alkyd ​applications and value chains. As your innovation partner we can ​help you shift to waterborne solutions or develop safe and high ​performance pro-environmental solutions that give you a clear ​advantage.

Advantages in Alkyd resins
  1. Meet sustainability demands​
  2. Differentiate your portfolio with Voxtar™​
  3. Innovation partner with insight & expertise​
  4. Reduce development costs​
  5. Faster speed to market ​
  6. Secure supply and preferred delivery for pro-environmental partners at all times

Comitted to your environmental success
  1. Building trust throughout the value chain with certified products​
  2. Perstorp quality is designed to give you pure performance too​
  3. We prioritize our long-term pro-environment partners​
  4. Robust global supply chain means wherever you are we are​
  5. We’ll help you to promote pro-environmental behavior throughout the value chain
Pure advantages today & tomorrow
  1. We are your strategic pro-environmental partner​
  2. We prioritize our long-term pro-environment partners​
  3. Focus on reducing impact & promoting pro-environmental behavior​
  4. Securing the future of renewable raw materials to reduce carbon footprint​
  5. Integrated thinking & support
Stand out with outstanding innovation
  1. Our trusted science & knowledge makes a real difference​
  2. Be first to offer new sustainable & superior products​
  3. Ready-to-go pro-environment products – just drop them in!​
  4. Ongoing innovation will continue to keep you one-step ahead​
  5. Faster development time & speed to market

Introducing Pro-Environment Polyols

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