Leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols

Water fall 

Global sustainability trends & drivers* - Resins​

  • The main driver is environmental concerns. Development is centered ​around making raw material compatible with more environmentally ​friendly formulations   ​
  • Increasing demand for pro-environment paints & waterborne solutions​
  • Consumers demand more and more low or no VOC resins plus increased ​performance & durability
  • ​End consumer needs and not only legislation is driving development​
  • Resin formulators looking to reduce formulation system costs to balance ​demand for added performance, durability and pro-environmental solutions​
  • Strategic relationships between formulators and suppliers becoming ​more important​

*)Coatings world  - Resins Market Update. April 2017 & Chemical Economics Handbook April 2017 ​

Global sustainability trends & drivers* - Synthetic lubricants​

  • Longer service life through better wear protection ​
    • Reduced friction, energy & emissions​
    • Biodegradability ​
    • Lower fuel consumption

  • Integrated value chains that are more efficient, more effective and more transparent – with less environmental impact.​
  • Environmental regulations are fueling the demand for synthetic and bio-based lubricants in the transportation market​
  • Synthetic lubricants produced from renewable base stocks is a growing trend
Integrated value chain & strategic partner
  1. Knowledge & expertise in resins, coatings and synthetic lubricant applications ​
  2. Science and technology to help you develop new and/or improved ​
  3. products that promote pro-environmental behavior through the value chain
Innovative and broadest portfolio of Pro-Environmental Polyols
  1. Voxtar™ the world’s first renewable Penta​
  2. New Neeture™ and Evyron™ partly renewable grades of Neo and TMP with no compromise on performance, but with big reductions in environmental impact
Committed supply and support in a tight market
  1. We guarantee partners availability of pro-environmental products​
  2. With Perstorp you can meet the sustainability demands of customers and end consumers now and in the future

Introducing Pro-Environment Polyols

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