Reduce your carbon footprint

Perstorp can help you fulfil your greenhouse gas reduction targets by offering products with a lower carbon footprint. Our ever-advancing portfolio and vast experience with more sustainable chemistry provide our customers with a reliable partner to help improve your environmental profile.

Based on a traceable mass balance concept, our Pro-Environment portfolio is designed to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain and to support sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials. Pro-Environment products are chemically identical to their fossil counterparts, offering the same quality without trade-off in performance. The only difference lies in the raw materials, whose origins are renewable/recycled instead of virgin fossil.

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Certified throughout the value chain

All our Pro-Environment products are certified according to the sustainability certification system ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). ISCC PLUS provides companies, brand owners, and consumers the assurance that high sustainability requirements are met. Our products, the mass balance method, as well as our GHG (Green House Gas) calculations are ISCC PLUS certified.

Every Pro-Environment customer receives documentation about the GHG-value of the product which can be used to calculate your contribution to reducing CO2-emissions. This gives Pro-Environment customers the opportunity to measure progress against own CO2-targets, and to take it further into your products and value chains. By choosing Pro-Environment products, you contribute to reduced CO2 emissions in your value chain, and also obtain valuable propositions for your business.

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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An expanding portfolio

Since the launch of Voxtar™ in 2010, Perstorp has significantly expanded its portfolio of Pro-Environment products to cover polyols, plasticizers, acids, and alcohols. Our ambition is that all Perstorp products will be Pro-Environment in the future. With roadmaps set out until 2030, we pro-actively work with the shift of raw materials and development of more renewable products. All in line with Perstorp’s ambitious science based targets.