A true non-phthalate plasticizer without compromise

Pevalen™ is designed to help PVC manufacturers meet the needs of people and the planet, today and tomorrow – without any sacrifice in performance. It makes PVC products work harder, last longer and have better environmental credentials. Pevalen™ is a true non-phthalate plasticizer, designed for close-to-consumer applications. 

Pevalen™ is the right choice for flexible PVC applications such as coated fabrics, PVC plastisol, flexible film, and is produced in a way that seeks to minimize the use of finite raw materials. It is everything you’d expect from a traditional plasticizer, while keeping you on the right side of regulatory and customer demands.

Pevalen™ properties:

  • High plasticizing efficiency
  • Excellent UV-stability
  • Unbeatable softness
  • Faster processing
  • Low volatility 

  • Pevalen™ Pro

    Pevalen™ Pro is our most sustainable plasticizer option. It is a second-generation Pevalen™ product designed to reduce the carbon footprint of PVC products and to support the shift away from finite raw materials. It allows our customers to gradually make the switch to products with renewable content, without the need for reformulation. 

    Product specifications and sample requests

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