Holtac FAQ

Holtac™ micronized polyols for Ca/Zn stabilizer systems Holtac™ is Perstorp’s polyol offer for lead-free PVC.

How can I trust that I get the best polyols on the market when I buy from Perstorp?
Perstorp is the world leader in polyalcohols with the largest polyalcohol production capacity in the world. With own production sites we can guarantee safety and quality for the whole chain, from sensitive raw materials, through production and milling, to bagging and distribution.

Holtac™ production is carried out in Germany where the polyol is formulated and milled to a precise micronized size to meet the high quality demands of the market.

I am looking at lowering my environmental impact in the future.
How can Holtac™ help me?
In the future, Perstorp will have the capability to produce a renewable Holtac™. Based on renewable raw materials with renewably powered production, this innovation would require no change in processing or formulation. Renewable Holtac™ would have all the advantages of Holtac™ while giving an added competitive value though its minimized environmental impact.

Why should I change to a lead-free PVC stabilizer?
Members of The European Stabilizer Producers Association (ESPA) have made a voluntary commitment to phase out lead entirely by 2015. Being concerned about the potential toxic risks related to lead stabilizers, the rest of the world is following. Holtac™ for Ca/Zn stabilizer systems provides a sustainable alternative facilitating the phase-out of lead without compromising performance. With increased concerns about working and living environment as well as awareness of lead's impact on health, it is clear that lead-free is the future.

What is the new Holtac™ Poly?
The new Holtac™ Poly has been developed as a complementary product to Holtac™ D and is the result of innovative Perstorp technology based on a mixture of polymers.

Holtac™ Poly has very similar technical properties compared to Holtac™ D. Heat stability and yellowing index for the two products are within the same range. The advantage with Holtac™ Poly is the ability to meet high capacity needs.

Holtac™ Poly is more than a product. It is an innovative technology developed by Perstorp offering possibilities to further modify the polymer to match specific needs and applications.
Holtac™ Poly is a starting point for formulating new solutions together with our customers, while still being within the polymer compliance of REACH and TSCA.

What is Perstorp's approach to sustainability?
Sustainability is an important topic in the PVC industry as well as for Perstorp. Through continuous and focused innovation for the environment, health and safety of our products, Perstorp has built a reputation in the industry of being at the forefront of sustainability.
We can never afford to endanger the environment and believe in balancing environmental sensibility, customer demands and economic realities to achieve winning formulas.
All of Perstorp's production plants maintain the highest standard and fulfill rigorous environmental criteria.