Polyurethane elastomers
Polyurethane elastomers
Formulated to perform in all conditions

Bringing greater durability to high performance elastomers

Joel Neale
Joel Neale
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+44 192 559 10 89

Perstorp is the world leader in caprolactone derivatives for PU elastomers under the Capa™ brand. The wide choice of monomer, and polyols allows system house prepolymer producers and specialized elastomer formulators to develop elastomers that are designed to perform in all conditions. If you are looking for a partner to enhance your elastomer properties and achieve greater durability in the final product then we can support you on a global basis.

Capa™ bridges the performance gap

Traditionally polyether is chosen for elastomers because of its good hydrolytic stability, while polyesters are chosen for their mechanical performance. Capa™ polyols bridge the performance gap by offering a combination of hydrolytic stability and high mechanical performance.  

Durability for longer service life in harsh conditions

Capa™ significantly outperforms its rivals in durability derived from exceptional abrasion resistance, excellent hydrolysis, UV resistance and other mechanical properties. With Capa™ you can develop longer-life or new elastomers that maintain their performance and shape even in the toughest of conditions, such as in jounce bumpers, automotive sealing, hydrolytic seals and gaskets, coaster wheels, mining screens and even sport shoe soles. 

Ease to process and more cost effective

Capa™ polyols low viscosity and low melting point facilitate easier handling compared to high melting point adipates. Added to this these narrower polydispersity polyols contribute to a tighter manufacturing specification, which means a more consistent quality with less out of spec products, concessions and complaints.  
Business advantages
  1. Develop reliable and new longer life products
  2. Higher value and new markets can now be reached
  3. Cost effective production and consistent quality
Performance advantages
  1. Greater durability of elastomer products and parts
  2. Exceptional abrasion resistance
  3. Maintains function and longevity due to hydrolytic resistance and low compression set
Processing advantages
  1. Very low melt viscosity for easier processing
  2. Tighter manufacturing specification

Capa™ likes a challenge, so why not begin your process of discovery by using Capa™ Product Selector. Put Capa™ to the test!

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