Introduction to the Progress in Plastics Newsletter - issue March 2017

Perstorp has a long history in plastics. We were the first producers of plastics in Scandinavia more than 100 years ago. Recently we have introduced a new wave of Plastic Innovations with a focus on our capabilities to develop more sustainable solutions. Our bioplastics, heat resistant plastics and new PVC plasticizer concepts were firstly introduced at K-Fair 2013. Now these concepts have been positively received by many customers.

We would now like to welcome you to our first Progress in Plastics newsletter. It will be distributed a few times per year and covers the broad industry of Plastic Materials. Perstorp has a broad offer of building blocks within several segments for the plastic market such as Bioplastics, PU Elastomers, Heat resistant plastics, plasticizers and Thermoplastics.

With this newsletter we’ll update you on the latest trends and events in the plastic industry. First up is an article about the history of the word 'phthalate'. You can also read about our new heat resistant plastic, Akestra™, which is now also compliant for food contact meaning there is now a fully transparent polyester available for hot fill food packaging. We’ll also talk about the plastic pollution our world is facing and our Time to act-campaign. Your feedback is as always welcome.

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