Progress in Plastics - August 2017

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The origin of the word 'phthalate'
“PHTHALATE”: difficult to say and difficult to spell. But where did this word originate? This curious word is steeped in 2,000 years of myths and scientific advancement. Biblical in origin we shall trace its humble beginnings to the versatile chemical molecules of today.
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Akestra™ - clearly the way ahead in heat resistant packaging
Perstorp has introduced Akestra™ to the European market recently. Akestra™ is a unique material that offers a sparkling, glass-like appearance but with much better heat resistance and transparency than PET.
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It’s time to act!
One million plastic bags are used per minute globally. Many of them end up in our natural environment and stay there. Plastic is an amazing material, but it needs to be handled and recycled in the right way.
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Column: the millennials are coming!
B2B industries are facing huge shifts in demographics due to that the millennials now are entering the arena. As one of the largest generations in history, their unique experience will change the way we buy and sell and we need to adapt.
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Pevalen™ obtains FDA compliance for food contact applications
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