Jesper Fahlen
Jesper Fahlen
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+46 40 635 88 59

Capa™ offers important mechanical property enhancements that extend the use of biopolymers by reducing brittleness and increasing impact strength. Being both biodegradable and stable means that the properties can be customized to satisfy the often-competing demands of long-life, durable and disposable bioplastics without any compromise. Capa™ is also a great processing aid helping to reduce scrap and improving processing in general thanks to its low viscosity.

Durable Applications:
The exceptional versatility and stability of polycaprolactone means it is suitable for a wide range of durable applications where renewable content is important and an improvement in the mechanical properties of the biopolymer needed. Leading durable applications include cosmetics, electronics such as laptops, pads & tablets and automotive parts.

Disposable Applications:
Where single use with fast biodegradability is required Capa provides the optimal solution. The end of life improvement substantially lowers the environmental impact and helps to reduce the growing consumer concern about plastic disposables. Important applications include serviceware, plastic bags and compost bags.

Recommended Capa™ products for Biopolymers:

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