The Difference - June 2014

The Difference - June 2014

 The Difference June 2014

Effectively preserving feed processed at high temperature

Some processes in the production of feed – such as pelletizing – are done at very high temperatures. Most preservatives have a tendency to evaporate rapidly at such temperatures. One of our latest innovations focuses on solving evaporation problems in preservatives by using propionic acid glycerol esters. These esters have a strong preservation effect and an outstanding low evaporation. Its properties give a remaining long term preservation effect to any kind of feed and grains. We have recently conducted trials to see how well a product which contains a high amount of propionic acid glycerol esters holds up when processed at high temperatures.

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Field trial in Germany puts dEB optimization to the test

Just over 2 years ago we started a trial that put dEB optimization to the test. We did so in close cooperation with the Landwirtschaftskammer in Nordrhein Westfalen (Chamber of Agriculture for a district in Germany). Four swine companies were asked to join a field trial and the results were so good that the Landwirtschaftskammer had them published in renowned German magazine Wochenblatt.

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Multi-purpose acid plant operational

AOur multi-purpose acid plant dedicated to the production of butyric acid, propionic acid and valeric acid is now ready for full scale production. You may have already read about this investment in 'the difference' last year. Not even a year later the plant with a maximum capacity of 50-60 kilotons per year is up and running at our Stenungsund production site in the South-West of Sweden.

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Christian Jaun

Interview with Christian Jaun

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Christian Jaun. I grew up in the Swiss mountains. After my education as a farmer I studied Agronomy. I’m married and have 2 children. Today I work as a product manager at the Swiss company Vital AG. Vital AG produces premixes and additional feed mineral supplements for compound feed producers and home mixers.

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