Investments made in production site Waspik

Investments made in production site Waspik

A lot of our feed additives – especially the blends – originate from our production facility in Waspik, the Netherlands. Numerous improvements have been made to this facility since our last update on this topic.

Process operating system
Last year we changed to a new process operating system. This improved automation gives us better control over production processes. Delta-V from Emerson was chosen as the new platform. Preparations took almost a full year. The actual implementation only took four days and was scheduled during a weekend, thus ensuring no delays in deliveries to our customers. The project team consisted of German engineers from Emerson, installation company Hoppenbrouwers, Perstorp engineer Michael Monnighoff and of course employees from Perstorp Waspik.

ProPhorce™ AC 299 production
We also invested in a new nautamixer, screw feeders and silo’s to enable ProPhorce™ AC 299 production at site Waspik. Currently the production capacity for this product is 20 tons per day.

Improved logistics
Other recent investments include:

· a new, additional loading dock

· new storage shelves that can store up to 270 tons of raw materials

· a new silo for bulk compounds

Always on the move…
There are always projects going on in Perstorp to improve our internal efficiency and/or customer experience. Keep an eye on future issues of ‘The Difference’ to be the first to 'hear' the latest news.