The Difference - March 2012

The Difference - March 2012


Feed additive labeling: CLP vs. current 


CLP (Classification Labeling and Packaging) is a project about re-classification and re-labeling of all chemicals. CLP contains information about the hazards of chemical substances and mixtures and how to inform others about them. The purpose of CLP is to have the same classification for chemicals in all countries. But what does this mean in practice? What changes can we expect and what are the differences and similarities between CLP and GHS and REACH?

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ProPhorce™ SR

ProPhorce™ SR makes a difference in poultry performance 


ProPhorce™ SR butyrins are glycerol esters of butyric acid that help to improve nutrient digestibility. Including ProPhorce™ SR in animal diets or added via drinking water assists the animal in maintaining gut health resulting in improvement of performance. Animal trials to demonstrate these effects have been set up at various locations. In this article we will discuss some of the trials we have done with ProPhorce™ SR in poultry, cooperating with several established trial institutions and with professional poultry farms. 

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Conquering Asia 


As always you can find us on VIV Asia this year. VIV Asia is one of the most important exhibitions for industries related to animal production in the region. But that’s not the only thing we are doing to improve our position in Asia. In line with Perstorp’s strategy to become a more balanced global player, we will strategically invest in our organization in Asia in the coming years. The areas where we will focus our expansion in Asia are discussed in this article. Which countries will we focus on first? And which products do we think will succeed in Asia? 

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Interview with Marius Gherman


Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Marius Gherman and I am the Technical Manager at Gherman Consult Co in Romania. In 1997 I finished the Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine University in Cluj Napoca with veterinary doctor as specialty and after that I followed some trainings for Sales, Marketing and logical thinking. I’m married and I’m the proud father of two kids, a boy and a girl. I’m passionate about sports, reading and spending my spare time in nature.

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