Interview with Marius Gherman

Interview with Marius Gherman

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Marius Gherman and I am the Technical Manager at Gherman Consult Co in Romania. In 1997 I finished the Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine University in Cluj Napoca with veterinary doctor as specialty and after that I followed some trainings for Sales, Marketing and logical thinking. I’m married and I’m the proud father of two kids, a boy and a girl. I’m passionate about sports, reading and spending my spare time in nature.


Where did you work before your current position?
When I finished university I worked as a vet in a pet practice for 3 years. After that I changed the segment and I enter the health and animal feed business working for different companies (such as Elanco, Agrovet, Servicii Publice) for the next 10 years. At the end of 2010 I decided that a change had to be made and I set up my own company Gherman Consult as a company active especially in the poultry and swine segment, working like a bridge between farmers and product manufactures. A company that wants to help the customers by giving them the technical support and provides them with the last technical information, description and technical news about the best quality and efficient products, legislation, newsletter from Europe, which can help them to improve their farms production.

What do you like about your job?
The nicest thing about this job is the diversity which you find with each customer, different views, the challenges which you have to face every day and the fact that this job keeps you learning continuously! We learn from the product manufacturers, but what is very important is that we also learn many things from our customers.

What kind of goals do you want to achieve with Perstorp?
The most important goal is to implement Perstorp principles and products which I consider as very qualitative in the market and this is very challenging taking into consideration that Perstorp is a company which really makes the difference and which invests a lot in new special products, new therapeutic protocols, in people who are the principle messengers of the winning formula. A company which is developing and is supportive with reliable solutions for my customers. That’s why I regard this as my most important goal, because I really believe that Perstorp products can improve the results in my clients’ farms.

Could you tell us something about the industry you're in and how you see its future?
The poultry and swine markets have been heavily tested and affected in the last years, but at the same time these markets are and will be very important to many countries. Historically, Romania was an agricultural country (some years ago it was called “the cereals barn“ of Europe) and this is why I consider the agricultural segment (vegetable and animal sectors) as the most important. We must not forget that the word FOOD is one of the most important words in our times, because we are still living in a world where people are starving and this is why I think that it is our duty is to support and develop the agricultural sector.

What are the major trends in the feed, preservative, silage and crimping markets in your home country? And what do you consider to be the most important factor in our relation for you to be successful?
Unfortunately in Romania we are still using the “drying procedure“ as the most used procedure to preserve the feed. But with the tools and the support which we receive from Perstorp (laboratory analyses, mycotoxines determinations) we are hoping to show our customers the danger which is hidden if you do not prepare your feed correctly.

Do you have a question for the next person we will interview for this newsletter?
What is the perception of your customers about the usage of acidifiers and what is the most common usage of these products in your country (especially in swine and broiler farms)?

Is there anything else you would like to mention in this interview?
Yes, I would like to thank the whole Perstorp Team for their technical and friendly support. It is a privilege that I meet special people with a large view and an innovative solution.

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