ProPhorce™ SR, the pioneering tributyrin solution, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary!

Over the course of 10 years, ProPhorce™ SR has become the main choice of many producers around the world for supporting gut health and performance while reducing the need for antibiotics.

This year also marks a double celebration as the company itself is turning 140 years old.

That is 140 years of thinking about the future and developing smart solutions to advance everyday life in an ever-changing world. ProPhorce™ SR was born under the premise of -one molecule can change everything- and embraced focused innovation as its core value.

The butyric acid solution of the decade

A decade ago, the first adventurous Perstorp customers believed in the tributyrin concept enough to give it a try. They did not regret it and look at us now! Tributyrins are a staple product in the toolbox of many nutritionists around the world. We at Perstorp are grateful for this success and are taking a moment to reflect on it. That is 10 years delivering a high concentration of butyric acid right where it is needed and 10 years supporting animal performance, daily weight gain, FCR and gut health via a user-friendly solution that is odorless, stable, and easy to handle.

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Not All Tributyrins Are Equal

The benefits of including a tributyrin product in feed formulations is widely accepted, but not all tributyrin products (such as ProPhorce™ SR), or their suppliers, are the same. Here are seven key factors to consider before making your next tributyrin purchase>>

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Marketing Support Manager


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