CAS Number: 15834-04-5 HS Number: 291560

Pevalen™ a high performance polyolester plasticizer. Pevalen™ is the perfect choice for sensitive applications, such as flooring in hospitals, schools and public buildings, as well as other close-to-consumer applications – e. g. automotive interiors, toys, molded parts, wall coverings and coated fabrics. Pevalen™ has a unique performance not matched by any other product, have high plasticizing efficiency in combination with low migration and volatility.

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A non-phalate plasticizer without compromize

Give your formulation an extra edge

Driven by the principles of thoughtful chemistry, we created Perstorp’s non-phthalate plasticizer Pevalen™ to help PVC manufacturers meet the needs of people and the planet, along with the regulations of today and tomorrow. 

Today, it leads the market for cost-performance, delivers better quality products and is made in a way that minimizes the use of finite raw materials. 
By choosing Pevalen™, you’re acknowledging the urgency of the safety and environmental concerns shared by many. You’re showing customers that you take your responsibilities seriously and are committed to making PVC products in the best possible way. 

Pevalen™ helps make PVC products that work harder, last longer and have better environmental credentials. And we’re continually looking to improve it. That’s because we believe PVC can be a more valuable and valued resource if it is made, used and disposed of thoughtfully.

Pevalen™ gives you everything you’d expect from a traditional plasticizer

  • Excellent cost performance Unbeatable softness Faster processing Low volatility Excellent UV-stability 
  • Whilst keeping you on the right side of regulatory and customer demands. Made in a way that reduces the use of finite raw materials
  • We know that switching to a new plasticizer is a big decision, with multiple factors to consider throughout the value chain

Which is why our team will support you across functions: from technical aspects, to marketing and procurement functions. Together, we’ll ensure that the benefits and the process are thoroughly and holistically considered, and we’ll help you make the change at a pace you’re comfortable with. 

We are open and supportive and bring a human face to business. For us, it’s personal. 

“We haven’t seen any plasticizer before performing this good in UV testing.”

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