Capa™ segments

Jesper Fahlen
Jesper Fahlen
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+46 40 635 88 59

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Perstorp offer numerous products to application areas such as adhesives, coatings, resins etc. Click each symbol to learn more about our complete offer of products to these segments including Capa™ >>


Perstorp Capa Segments

If you want to learn more about what Capa in particular can do to enhance properties within each segment click here >>
Perstorp Capa segmentsCapa for Adhesives, Capa for Bioplastics, Capa for Coatings, Capa for ElastomersCapa for Resins and Capa Lactides pertorp Capa segments Perstorp capa segments Perstorp Capa segments Perstorp capa segments Capa Lactides

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