Capa™ Monomer

Capa™ Monomer

Capa™ Monomer is produced to a very high purity, which provides consistent quality, high performance and excellent end results. It is primarily used to modify resins and polymers in order to enhance the end product.  As a resin modifier it is used for lowering viscosities, improving impact and crack resistance and for lowering solvent requirement to reduce VOC emissions.

Capa™ Monomer is also used in the manufacture of additives to stabilize and improve the processing of pigment dispersions in paints and coatings. As a dispersing agent it has novel wetting effects for improved pigment.

The exceptional quality of Capa™ Monomer means that it is widely used in the automotive industry to modify the performance characteristics of a range of commonly used resin systems including acrylics, polyesters, epoxies and polyurethanes.


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