CAS Number: 149-57-5 HS Number: 291590

2-Ethylhexanoic Acid Pro is part of Perstorp's range of Pro-Environmental products and offers the same performance attributes as traditional fossil based 2-EHA. Being based on the mass balance concept, 2-EHA Pro consists of 25% renewable content and offers the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and lower CO2 emissions to our customers.

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Partly renewable 2-EHA with broad application range

The product has a colorless liquid appearance with one carboxylic group based on a C8 carbon chain. 2-EHA Pro, or octanoic acid has a broad application range and is widely used in esters for PVB film plasticizers and in synthetic lubricants. 2-EHA Pro also has excellent properties for the production of metal soaps for paint driers, automotive coolants, as well as for PVC stabilizers. Other application areas include wood preservatives, pharmaceuticals, and it serves as a catalyst for polyurethane.

Being the world’s first partly renewable 2-Ethylhexanoic acid, 2-EHA Pro is a pioneer in the market. All Perstorp’ Pro-Environment products are ISCC PLUS certified, meaning that our sustainable raw materials are certified in all parts of the value chain back to the point of origin. All Pro Environment customers are also given information about the GHG-value of the product and their contributions to reduced CO2- emissions.

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