From genetic potentials to optimal broiler performance

The genetic potential for the growth of broiler chickens increases year after year. Several factors can increase broiler performance. In this webinar, Dr. Richard Bailey discussed these factors and touched upon the aspects of gut physiology. Jose Maria Ros Felip talked about new solutions that can facilitate meeting the ever-rising production potential and about gut health that ensures optimal gut development, integrity, and functionality.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Richard Bailey, Head of Applied Physiology at Aviagen, is a well-known speaker on the subject of gut health and the role of genetics. Richard has degrees in Veterinary Science and Animal Genetics and a PhD in microbiology. He has been working for Aviagen over 12 years in the R&D department focusing on poultry health research initiatives.

Panelist: Jose Maria Ros Felip, Global Technical Manager at Perstorp Animal Nutrition has more than 35-year experience in animal health and nutrition by working in technical and marketing areas for companies dealing in the field of animal health, premix and feed additives. Member of the Perstorp steering group for development of new molecules based in the organic acid’s esterification technology.

This webinar took place on Thursday, December 15th at 10:00 a.m. CET

Jose Maria Ros Felip

Technical Sales Manager

+34 686 641 735

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