No company is greener than its suppliers

How upstream determines the mainstream.

A remarkable 96 percent of all manufactured goods rely on chemical products, meaning that opting for sustainable building blocks can make a great impact throughout an entire value chain. Anyone part of the manufacturing industry should know how collaborating with the right suppliers can be vital for sustainable progress and meeting your environmental goals. Join us for this free webinar in which our experts will present two major innovation projects showcasing how Perstorp works to transform the chemical industry through:

  • Production of sustainable products using residue streams and renewable raw materials.
  • Active collaborations with like-minded partners in the value chain.

Do you think you can paint a house with CO2? Let's find out!

Anna Berggren - Vice President Sustainability, Perstorp.
Dr. David Löf – Technical Innovation Manager, Perstorp.

This live webinar took place on November 25th 2021. You can re-watch the recording now.

Koen Peeters

Marketing Communication Project Manager


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Webinar - No company is greener than its suppliers