Perstorp announces Sergal as official distributor for Spain

Perstorp, a global leader in the specialty chemicals and feed additives markets, announces Biosecurity and Feed Additive specialist Sergal as the official distributor for their feed additives in Spain. A sole distribution agreement has been signed by both parties involved.

“The initial period working together in such a close collaboration has been very promising” states Gerard Hinojo, Senior Business Manager for Iberia, France and Africa for Perstorp Animal Nutrition. “Despite sales meetings being out of the question due to COVID-19, we are very content with the initial developments” he continues.

Perstorp is a specialty chemicals and feed additive producer from Sweden, specializing in gut health and preservation solutions. They are known for their groundbreaking work with esterified organic acids such as Tributyrins.

Sergal will be the sole distributor in Spain for:

  • ProPhorce™ SR: esters of butyric acid that reliably help to improve gut health and performance
  • ProPhorce™ water solutions: synergistic blends of organic acids with essential oils and butyrins that help to prevent pathogen formation in water and can help to improve gut health and performance
  • ProPhorce™ Feed Hygiene: the latest solutions for pathogen management in feed
  • ProPhorce™ AC 299: an ideal sodium source that can be used to optimize the dietary Electrolyte Balance of feed
  • ProPhorce™ AC 600: formic acid with clever buffering technology for improved safety and reduced corrosivity

“Perstorp’s product portfolio complements our other activities very well” states José Antonio Quiroga, owner of Sergal. “These top quality solutions have already proven their purpose for the Spanish market, therefore we have already increased our team and warehousing capabilities, confident that we will see a healthy growth in the near future”.

Sergal was founded in 2006 as a response to the growing farming industry in our country and by the rest of the EU, they started its activity in O Barco, Ourense province, where they still keep the Headquarters. Throughout this years, Sergal has increased their portfolio of products along with their services, currently Sergal has two workplaces one in O Pino , La Coruña province and another one in Begonte, Lugo Province, with 1000m2 facility.

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