Perstorp committed to DPHP in North America

To increase support for its DPHP plasticizer customers in North America, Perstorp has secured a permanent storage tank for its Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) plasticizer, which is expected to be operational from the beginning of 2016. The bulk tank located in New Jersey will result in shorter lead times and delivery times, and a very reliable supply of our Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) to customers in this region.

Perstorp has been a provider of plasticizers for over 40 years. The North American plasticizer market is a high priority area for Perstorp with sales of Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) expanding rapidly over the past two years in this region. The chemical and physical properties of Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) make it especially suitable for automotive, wire and cable, and outdoor applications such as roofing membranes and tarpaulins, where it contributes to extra durability under harsh conditions. Products made with Emoltene™ 100 can last years longer, stand higher temperature and UV, and give higher water resistance.

“We are committed to the American PVC plasticizer market for the supply of DPHP in this region and look forward to serve existing and new customers at improved service standards in North America” states Jerker Olsson Vice President of Perstorp’s Business Unit Oxo.

The current Perstorp plasticizer portfolio is sold on four continents and consists of Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) and Pevalen™. Pevalen™ is Perstorp’s non-phthalate general purpose plasticizer, especially suitable for sensitive applications, such as flooring and coated fabrics where the unbeatable softness and UV stability are key.

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