Perstorp Japan certified as trader with storage by ISCC PLUS

Perstorp is proud to announce that Perstorp Japan is now certified as trader with storage by ISCC PLUS, giving Japan customers access to Pro-Environment products with lower carbon footprint.

Masatoshi Iwamoto, general manager at Perstorp Japan commented,

"We are pleased to be the first ISCC Plus certified organization outside of Europe within Perstorp. With this certification, we will accelerate the promotion of Pro-Environment products in Japan and demonstrate our commitment to global goals. We are confident that the ISCC PLUS certification will help not only us but also downstream customers in the supply chain to achieve its sustainability goals, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all our efforts.”

ISCC PLUS provides companies, brand owners, and consumers the assurance that high sustainability requirements are met. To receive the ISCC PLUS certification, the trader and storage facilities are audited regarding their management system, traceability and chain of custody requirements by third party.

“We can now supply Pro Environment products produced in Europe to customers via Perstorp Japan. Customers will be able to take full advantage of the Pro-Environment products sustainable characteristics, including reduced product carbon footprint”, comments Lennart Eklund, Global Sustainability Certification manager at Perstorp Group.


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