Withdrawal of force majeure

With reference to the Notice of Force Majeure declared by Perstorp Chemicals GmbH and Perstorp AB on 9 April 2021, Perstorp Chemicals GmbH hereby notifies about the cessation of Force Majeure and informs as follows.

We have now managed to solve the unforeseen serious production issues, which caused a production stop of Pentaerythritol mono at Perstorp Chemicals GmbH’s plant in Bruchhausen, Germany. The production stop caused the inability for Perstorp Chemicals GmbH to produce and supply the planned amount of Pentaerythritol mono, Calcium Formate tech, ProPhorce™ AC 200, Pentaerythritol ICX, Voxtar™ M40, Charmor™ DP15, Charmor™ DP40, Charmor™ PM15, Charmor™ PM40, Holtac™ D, Holtac™ DT, Holtac™ M and Holtac™T. The force majeure applied to direct customers of Perstorp Chemicals GmbH, but also to customers of other Perstorp entities purchasing products emanating from Bruchhausen. Perstorp Chemicals GmbH has now been able to resume production of mentioned products and as a consequence hereof we can now withdraw the Force Majeure.

Please note that as a result of the force majeure event we may need to continue to allocate certain products and/or delay certain shipments during the coming months. Your Perstorp account manager will work closely with you to make sure that delivery schedules are updated. Perstorp will continue to do its best given the circumstances and sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause your company.

Questions should be directed to your Perstorp account manager.

Peter Hartmann

Site Manager Bruchhausen

+49 293 249 810 0

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