Notice of force majeure

Serious production issues due to a leakage of one of the pressure vessels has caused a complete production stop of Pentaerythritol mono at Perstorp Chemicals GmbH’s plant C in Bruchhausen, Germany.

The actions required to restore the equipment and enable start-up of the Pentaerythritol mono production is now carried out by Perstorp’s technical team. As a result, Perstorp Chemicals GmbH has currently a significantly reduced capacity to produce and supply Pentaerythritol mono, causing the inability for Perstorp Chemicals GmbH to produce and supply also Calcium Formate tech, ProPhorce™ AC 200, Pentaerythritol ICX, Voxtar™ M40, Charmor™ DP15, Charmor™ DP40, Charmor™ PM15, Charmor™ PM40, Holtac™ D, Holtac™ DT, Holtac™ M and Holtac™T. As a consequence hereof, Force Majeure is hereby declared as regards to Perstorp’s supply of mentioned products, which will be reduced due to the Force Majeure event. This applies to both direct customers of Perstorp Chemicals GmbH, but also to customers of other Perstorp entities purchasing products emanating from Bruchhausen.

An impact assessment is ongoing and a team has been established in order to address the situation. On the basis of the results hereof, we will revert to you as soon as possible with further information on our capacity in the short term and when we expect full production to be resumed.

We will do our utmost to keep you duly and continuously informed. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause your company. Questions should be directed to your Perstorp account manager.

Peter Hartmann

Site Manager Bruchhausen

+49 293 249 810 0

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