When the worst happens – a story about a fall that changed everything

Accidents can happen in a flash of a moment, instantly impacting our life and wellbeing. Hear Stefan’s story about his accident back in 2014 – what happened that day and the severe consequences which came with it.

On January 22 in 2014, Stefan fell down from a scaffolding and got several injuries. Listen to his story, where he and his colleagues reflect on what happened and how the accident changed their lives. 

At Perstorp, Care is about safety, health and life, 365 days a year. For everyone to come to work and go home again healthy and safe – for Perstorp, for the loved ones at home as well as for customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We believe that every accident can be prevented – that every effort and every individual can make a difference! 

Stefan’s story was told in correlation with our third Let’s Talk Care 365 event in 2020.

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