International Year of the Periodic Table: Natures building blocks inside Perstorp

In celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table, we want to highlight some of the elements that are not only central in all living organisms, but also for the Perstorp chemistry. Let us introduce you to hydrogen, oxygen and carbon!

These three elements are among the most abundant elements on earth where hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant one in the universe, having its origin from the Big Bang. No wonder that these three elements are the most common on Earth, which together with nitrogen make up 96% of the human body! 

Perstorp is one of the largest producers globally of the organic compound pentaerythritol which you might recognize as Penta in our product portfolio. Pentaerythritol consists of five carbon atoms and four hydroxyl groups of alcohol which makes it a polyol, containing both hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. 

Penta has a long history in Perstorp’s product portfolio being one of the major products since 1960 and is used as a building block for the synthesis and production of coatings and resins, plastics, synthetic lubricants and many other products. As you can see, natures own little building blocks are what make up Perstorp, both the product portfolio, and the people in the organization! 

In comparison to many of the basic elements in the periodic system, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are redundant. Even so, we are transitioning our chemistry into renewable raw material sources and we are extra proud of Voxtar™, the world’s first renewable Penta that comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades, which can reduce carbon footprint with up to 80%, depending on the application or formulation. 

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