Polyol Esters (POE), compatible with environmentally friendly refrigerants

Jenny Klevås
Jenny Klevås
Global Marketing Manager
+46 40 691 87 30
Synthetic Lubricants
22 October 2018

The impacts of global warming are discussed more than ever before. One of the most important areas to consider is energy efficient refrigeration systems for e.g. air conditioning and food transportation along with the use of refrigerants with low impact on global warming and no ozone depletion potential.

This, together with stricter legislation, is driving the market growth for synthetic lubricants, such as Polyol Esters (POE), due to its compatibility with environmentally friendly refrigerants.

At Perstorp AB, we pride ourselves of having the largest portfolio of polyols along with acids that are used as POE building blocks. Learn more how it all comes together and how POE can contribute to a more sustainable world!  


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