Perstorpers coping with COVID-19 across the world - USA

Everybody is impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We talked to some of our colleagues around the world about what impact they felt and how they are coping with it. Different areas in the world have experienced different types and levels of impact. The US peaked after Europe and China and reported a lot of cases, particularly in the New York area. Not that far from New York we find our Toledo site, where we talked to Warehouseman James Buress.

‘The COVID-19 virus has made a pretty big impact on work and home life for everyone in my area’ James states. ‘We now have to wear face masks and rubber gloves and we constantly have to wash and sanitize our hands’. Without the option to do his job from home, James has to be mindful 24/7. ‘We are making all efforts to maintain social distancing rules and practicing new ways of doing business and personal socializing. We limit contact as much as possible’.

These times are also times for a lot of first time experiences. James mentions that celebrations are now ‘drive by’ or virtual. ‘Even more peculiar: I will have even have my first virtual doctor’s appointment soon’.

‘The only tip I can give for this situation, is to embrace this new way of life, because it could be the future world as we know it’ James concludes.

James Buress Perstorp Toledo

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