Six advantages that Capa™ brings to your bioplastics processing

Bioplastics production – the better way
Add Capa™ to your bioplastic blending to get a more stable and predictable production process. Saving time and money? You bet!

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1. Easy processing

Adding Capa™ for Bioplastic to the blend facilitates biopolymer processing. There is no need to modify your
production setup for Capa™ products.

2. Low melting point

With the right Capa™ grade, you will reduce the viscosity, even at low temperatures. You will get good dispersion
in the blend as well as a gentler treatment of sensitive materials.

3.Heat laminate 

Capa™ for Bioplastic improves flexibility and remains flexible in cold environments.
It has excellent adhesion to paper, cardboard, leather, wood, cotton and other natural fibers.

4. Thermally stable

Capa™ for Bioplastic retains its mechanical properties up to its melting point.
Even higher temperatures are possible when used as a dispersed phase with other biopolymers.
It has excellent hydrolysis resistance and can boost your biopolymer processing. 

5. Broad processing window

You can process Capa™ for Bioplastic between 60–250°C (140–482°F).
It is available in various molecular weights, so the viscosity can be tailored to fit your process needs.

6. No pre-drying

Capa™ for Bioplastic is hydrophobic and very stable, both regarding pH and moisture.
Pre-drying is not necessary, which minimizes process time and production costs as well as the need to invest in expensive equipment.

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