How to tackle requirments on low VOC in China

In beginning of 2015 a tax on 4% was put in place for all paint containing more VOC than 420g/liter. By adding this tax, China shows its commitment to a more sustainable environment. It has also lead to a strong trend on the market for low VOC coatings.

When it comes to coatings, performance and sustainability have been hard to combine. It is fairly easy to make a low VOC paint - the challenge is to make a low VOC paint that also is high performing. Perstorp has extensive experience in the area with focused research and innovation which has made us a world leader in developing environmental friendly and high performing coating technologies. With our solid experience and expertise we are ahead of market requirements. "This clearly shows our edge and leading position in the industry where we have the most complete portfolio for environmental friendly resin technologies" says David James, Vice President Innovation. 

Learn more about our commitment to low VOC in David James' presentation here >> 

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