Reflections from European Bioplastics Conference 2014

Linda Zellner, Project Manager Bioplastics, shares some reflections from the European Bioplastics Conference taking place on December 2-3.

“It has been an intensive week in the sign of Bioplastics. The conference is over but that doesn’t mean that the work is over, not at all. Now we are filled with inspiration and new ideas to develop further and even more topics to address.

This type of event is positive in many ways, not only to be able to share our own work and products but more importantly to network and create new relationships. Most of the participants are sharing the same view; we have to live in a more sustainable way and use our resources more efficiently to protect the environment for our future generations. That starts by doing something now! I strongly believe that bioplastics has a great potential and by combining many of these new solutions that were presented at the event we can create competitive solutions and start to replace the less sustainable options that are out there. By collaborating we can create competitive solutions even faster!”

Linda Zellner European Bioplastics Conference 2014

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