Rising Stars in the plastics industry

Last week, the newspaper Plastics News selected Linda Zellner, Project Manager, as one of the rising stars in the plastics industry.

Linda Zellner, Project Manager for bioplastics, has been appointed as one of the “Rising Stars under 40” in the industry by Plastics News – a weekly trade newspaper covering the business of the global plastics industry. Linda has been working at Perstorp since 2011, and she has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering - Polymer Science and Particle Technology from Lund University.

Congratulations, Linda! How does it feel?
“Thank you! It’s flattering to be noticed for what I do, especially since it’s from people that don't know me. And I assume that the competition has been big, so I didn't take this for granted at all”, says Linda.

Why do you think that you were chosen as one of the rising stars?
“That is a tough question to answer. It might be that the interest in our products creates curiosity. With Capa™ for bioplastics, we have worked hard to be seen and heard in the industry – like being at K Fair 2013, the large plastics exhibition. I also think that my honesty in the questionnaire that we had to answer stood out – I don't have a hidden agenda. It truly is very important for me to work with something that I believe in 100%, and that’s what I get to do here.”

How did you celebrate?
“With a great smile!” Linda concludes:

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the bioplastics project, and everyone driving Capa™ for bioplastics forward. I am so happy that we have come so far in this short period of time, it has truly been a team effort!”

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