Update from Valerox Global Project Manager

The Valerox project at Site Stenungsund, the largest undertaking in the history of Perstorp, is well underway. Newly appointed Global Project Manager Lars Lind gives a project update.

The Valerox project, aimed at meeting the new demands on the market of new and safe plasticizers, is going forward. Lars Lind is newly appointed Global Project Manager for Valerox:

“My role is to coordinate the requirements of the different functions within Perstorp. We need to combine the installation assets in a safe and prudent way with the business requirement of a smooth and timely start-up, with the supply of raw materials from new installations, with new and developed technology, and all within a tight financial budget frame”, Lars explains. He continues:

“We will create a strong platform for new Perstorp products for the coming decades. I am also convinced that our investment is strengthening the Stenungsund cluster, and signals that West Europe still is a good place for industrial development,” says Lars.

Progress at the site
Two columns for the Valeradehyde plant have just arrived, waiting to be horizontally dressed and raised in April. The rest of the purchased equipment is now being transported through Europe and will arrive in April.

The highest column is nearly 30 meters tall, and have a weight around 13 000 kg. This equipment will be used for purifying the product before being sent to the storage tank.

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