Environmental friendly handling of Penta with the Reusebag

Given new EU regulations, Perstorp launches a new standard for our Penta big bags – an eco-friendly and reusable big bag for safe handling and emptying.

“We are introducing the Reusebag – a safe and reusable big bag for all of Perstorp’s Penta products”, says Kent Hamacek, Product Manager.

The new standard bag is a C-Bag - a safe bag that needs to be grounded before emptying. The bags have lifting loops with connecting yarns to ground, and they are stronger and safer to handle than disposable bags, even after several refills.

“The big bag itself isn’t new - it’s just somewhat customized to fit our and our customers’ needs, and we have decided to make C-Bag type as the new standard. The new and most important thing about it is the fact that it’s reusable”, says Kent Hamacek.

Perstorp collects the used big bags, cost-free for the customers, and brings the bags for reconditioning and reusing. The bags that don’t fulfill the quality specifications are rejected and recycled. The Reusebag contributes to a cleaner work place. And as no waste containers are required, the customers don’t need to spend money on extra transport costs, or fees for incineration or landfill.

Kent Hamacek is pleased with the introduction of the Reusebag at Perstorp:

“We introduced it during the summer, and it has worked out great so far”, he says.

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