Investment for the environment at Site Zibo

A new waste water treatment plant is now in use at Site Zibo, signaling that the new Neo plant soon will be complete.

At Perstorp’s production site in Zibo, China, the construction of a new Neo plant is going forward. And a big step in that direction is the completion of the brand new waste water treatment plant.

“The Neo plant will increase the quantity of waste water at Site Zibo, which is why we built the treatment plant. It is a huge investment for the environment”, says Lars Erlandsson, former General Manager Site Zibo.

The treatment plant was completed in June, and took about six months to build. And it works perfectly according to Lars Erlandsson:

“There are certain requirements for how much organic compounds the waste water is allowed to contain, and the water in our treatment plant is far below these requirements”, he says.

The waste water treatment plant puts Perstorp in the forefront at Zibo for several reasons:

“Plants like this one is not too usual in this area. It is also quite big. And thanks to the plant, we are now very flexible for future expansion of the site”, Lars Erlandsson concludes.

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