Perstorp and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical in European partnership for co-polyesters

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
Plastic Materials
30 April 2012

Perstorp and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, MGC, a global Japanese chemical corporation, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement for MGC’s new co-polyesters and its key raw material.

Perstorp and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical today announced the signing of a distribution agreement for the new co-polyesters and key raw material. Through this agreement, Perstorp is the exclusive distributor of the innovative co-polyester under its own brand AkestraTM in Europe.
This strategic partnership will enable developing the market for these new high heat resistant and durable co-polyesters in Europe, addressing the demand for safer and superior thermoplastics.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with MGC for developing the market of this next generation of amorphous highly transparent co-polyesters,” says David James, Market Development Manager. “There is strong need in substituting other thermoplastics like polycarbonate due to safety and environmental concern and AkestraTM can be seen as a viable alternative. Its unique set of properties also make it attractive for developing new applications and substituting other materials like glass and polymers with improved performance, durability, lighter weight, and with low energy consumption for processing. On longer term, thanks to our key integrated technologies in Europe, the ambition is to establish jointly the most competitive production platform in Europe for the raw material used in these copolyesters”

"It is the great honor for us to cooperate with a technologically superlative company like Perstorp. By utilizing Perstorp’s strong marketing network and technical support, the growth of our new co-polyester business development will be accelerated. We strongly believe that we have a wealth of opportunities to find suitable and ground breaking applications for safe and eco-friendly materials like our new co-polyesters in the European market." says Takashi Nakase, New Business Development Manager, MGC.

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