Annual & Sustainability Report 2010 now available

The Annual & Sustainability Report showcases the company’s 2010 development by presenting Perstorp’s business and strategy with a market segment focus as well as a comprehensive and detailed analysis of Perstorp’s financial performance and sustainability.

In summary, strong volume growth,17%, was seen over the year with sales of SEK 14,561 m (SEK 12,542 m last year). The currency effect was -11%, but this was offset by higher prices. The operating earnings before depreciation and write-down, and before nonrecurring items, improved to SEK 1,745 m (SEK 1,100 m). The profit increase is also a result of greater volumes, while costs have been kept under control. The year ended with a relatively strong fourth quarter. Cash flow from operating activities was better the previous year, SEK 814 m (SEK 260 m).

A number of product launches were implemented throughout 2010, cementing the Group’s strength in market segmentation and innovative solutions. Examples include turbo loaders for the formalin plants, the world’s first renewable Penta and the specialty polyol Holtac™ for phasing out lead in PVC plastics.

The complete Annual & Sustainability Report for 2010 is available in English.

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