Perstorp now protecting plastics with new Charmor™ PP100

The new grade, Charmor™ PP100, is designed specifically for thermoplastics and able to meet new fire regulations demanding lower smoke release, non-dripping plastics and non-toxic fumes.

Charmor™ polyols are rich carbon sources to be combined with a suitable nitrogen or phosphoric acid donor for producing superior intumescent systems. These systems are halogen free and flame-retardant and work by forming a thick, stable carbon foam barrier when exposed to fire.  The char formation acts as a barrier and decreases heat release rates and helps prevent the propagation of fire, so winning valuable time for people to safely evacuate.

Now, with the introduction of Charmor™ for plastics, plastic compounders and functional additive master batch producers have an intumescent system that slows combustion, cuts heat and smoke release rates and reduces melt dripping. Charmor™ also enables more light-weight plastic than mineral-based flame retardants for significant weight savings in applications such as transportation.

The new grade, Charmor™ PP100, offers a low melting point which is below most thermoplastic processing temperatures. Combined with its excellent polymer compatibility, the new product offers a strong advantage in thermoplastic processing with a wider processing and formulation latitude.

“Being a polymer, Charmor™ PP100, becomes part of the polymeric system of the plastic. This fact improves the flow during thermoplastic processing and gives more robust, reproducible and reliable mechanical and fire properties,” says David James, Market Development Manager, Perstorp.

Charmor™ is also non-hazardous and heavy-metal free and compliant with RoHS/WEEE. 

With the development of Charmor™ PP100, Perstorp is accompanying customers in their development of a more environmentally friendly flame-retardant plastic, as well as meeting more stringent fire regulations.

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