Changes to Perstorp’s board

Bo Dankis stepped down as chairman of the board of Perstorp Holding AB and left the board. Lennart Holm has been appointed the new chairman. 

New to the board is Karin Markides, president and CEO of the Chalmers Group and president at Chalmers University of Technology. She is a professor of analytical chemistry and has been a member of the EU commission’s ”High Level Group (HLG) on the Competitiveness of the European Chemicals Industry” with the task of analyzing the European chemical industry’s challenges and possibilities for competing with the rest of the world. She will also be chairman of the recently established ”Technical Committee” of Perstorp Holding AB’s board.

“I regard the board position at Perstorp as trust in me to help Perstorp's development in a positive direction and confidence in my leadership of the Chalmers company. I feel very honored and I’m really looking forward to taking part in the board’s work for Perstorp, whose activities represent so many important areas of future society. Of course, I hope that my experience and commitment to collaboration between academia and business will also be of use,” says Karin Markides.

“I am very happy with the addition that Karin, with her experience from the academic world and knowledge of chemistry, adds to the Perstorp Group’s board work. It further strengthens our position for the future,” says Martin Lundin, Perstorp’s president and CEO.

Other changes to Perstorp Holding AB's board include Michel Paris replacing Bertrand Meunier as board member and Carl Settergren replacing Julio Varela as a deputy board member, all from PAI partners. Price Waterhouse Coopers, with Michael Bengtsson as auditor in charge, were re-elected as auditors. 

Stanley Haag took during 2009 over as the new employee representative on the board for PTK.

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