RadTech Asia 2022

Perstorp is looking forward to attend the RadTech Asia Conference and Exhibition in Tsakuba, Japan.

RadTech Asia is a leading event on UV/EB Curing that provides opportunities of information exchange and cooperation for scientists, engineers, and end-users in Radiation Curing related fields. Perstorp's UV/EB Curing expert David Engberg has been invited to speak at two occasions during the event:
August 24th, 09:50-10:20 - European Market Overview - update on recent trends and developments on the European radiation curing market.

August 25th, 16:30-16:50 - How Cationic Curing can be a sustainable solution for challenging applications.

Perstorp offers a broad range of chemical building blocks for traditional free radical UV/EB curing as well as cationic UV curing technologies. Our products are designed to meet the needs of industry, society and the environment. Read more about our offering here >>


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