Webinar - Introducing Pevalen™ Pro

A bio-attributed phthalate free plasticizer for sustainable PVC applications.

Grab a coffee and sit back! Please join us in this webinar to learn about Pevalen™ Pro, our sustainability ambition, the mass balance concept, and how we are constantly future-proofing our products and therefore our customers.

The webinar consists of a presentation followed by an informal chat during which we will address frequently asked questions related to Pevalen™ Pro, end-applications and our sustainability ambition.

Listen in to this free webinar to hear more about why we believe plastics play an important role in the future!

Jenny Klevås - Market Segment Manager
Linda Zellner - Director Innovation

Koen Peeters - Marketing Communication Project Manager

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This webinar was aired on May 20. Watch the recorded version of the webinar by registering below


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VP Innovation, Strategic Markets

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Director Global Marketing

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